Twitch banned references to Dr Disrespect during his ‘Fortnite’ tournament

Twitch streamers were recommended to use other names when referencing Dr Disrespect, such as the "two-time"

During Dr Disrespect‘s Fortnite tournament, Twitch disallowed any reference to the streamer because he is banned from the platform.

On May 27, Dr Disrespect, aka Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, hosted a $100,000 Fortnite event named Hot Shot Duo Drop, which featured several Twitch streamers such as Tfue, summit1g, and Zemie. As these streamers were involved in the event and went on the broadcast it to their viewers, they were required to refrain from referencing Dr Disrepect in any way (via, IGN).

The tournament organiser BoomTV put together some rules to avoid any mention of the banned streamer, which were shared by Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky on Twitter.


“It is prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user,” the rules read.

“We understand that there may be instances where suspended users may appear on your stream due to circumstances beyond your control, such as through third-party gaming tournaments, but we expect that you make a good faith effort to remove them from your broadcast, mute them, or otherwise limit their interactions with your stream.”

Twitch streamers were also recommended to use other names for Dr Disrespect when referencing him and his tournament, such as the “two-time” and “Blockbuster video game champion.”

They were also required to hide any images or video of the streamer on their broadcast, as well as avoid sharing the tournament or bracket page on stream. Both featured Dr Disrespect’s name and face.

Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch in 2020 for a mysteriously unknown reason, forcing the streamer to move to YouTube. Following a Twitch streamer’s ban on the platform, the guidelines explain that any promotion of the banned streamer can also result in a suspension for the person who shared the information.


In other news, Phasmophobia is getting two new ghosts.

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