Twitch and Facebook Gaming experience record viewership in 2021

Viewership more than doubled in January compared to the previous year 

Twitch and Facebook Gaming experienced a record number of viewers throughout January, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A report published by StreamElements and revealed both platforms saw a vast increase in traffic last month. Compared to January 2020, Twitch and Facebook Gaming more than doubled stream viewership. Twitch viewership increased by 112 per cent year on year, while Facebook Gaming rose by 117 per cent.

In addition to this yearly increase, January 2021 saw Twitch exceed 2billion hours watched, while Facebook Gaming reached over 439million. This boom in viewership increased the popularity of a number of titles, such as Rust which saw the total number of hours watched month-on-month increase by 1,226 per cent.


Rust game
Rust. Credit: Facepunch Studios

Viewership for the the free-to-play MOBA League of Legends increased by 110 per cent, while online first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov rose by 143 per cent. Twitch’s most popular category, ‘Just Chatting’ also saw an increase of 8 per cent holding its top position of most watched at 242million hours through January.

Data within the report also shows Twitch’s global appeal, as the top ten streamers list featured individuals from around the world.

Canadian streamer xQc tops the most-watched list with over 25million hours during January, and Spanish streamer AuronPlays was the second most-watched streamer, with just short of 15million hours throughout the month.

Elsewhere, Twitch’s Competitive eSports Platform, Twitch Rivals recently announced the removal of a Call Of Duty: Warzone team amidst accusations of cheating.

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