Twitch launches new verification tools to combat hate raiding

Not a perfect solution but a start

Twitch has released a new suite of verification-based tools in a bid to help combat the growing problem of hate raiding on the streaming network.

Following protest action by Twitch streamers earlier this month, Twitch said it was “working hard on improved channel-level ban evasion detection and additional account improvements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators.” This has led to the new tools which are focused on phone and email verification as explained by a Twitch announcement post.

Through the method, streamers will have more control over their channels by being able to specify exactly who gets chat privileges based on if that user has added a verified phone number or email to their account.


The tools are available from today and are accessible via Twitch’s Creator Dashboard. They are fairly extensive allowing phone and/or email verification to be required for all accounts, for first-time chat users, chatters with accounts registered within a certain period, or simply people who have only followed a channel for a brief period of time. In all cases, VIPs, Subscribers and Moderators can be made exempt from the requirements.

For viewers, Twitch has said that users can verify up to five accounts per mobile phone number (landlines and VOIP numbers are not allowed) so they are still able to have multiple Twitch accounts. However, if one phone-verified account is suspended across the site, all accounts tied to that number will also be suspended, which makes sense.

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Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

At a channel level, there is a similar system extended to include email verification. Here, if one phone or email verified account is banned by a channel, all other accounts tied to those details are also banned from the channel.

Twitch notes that no system is perfect, however. “No single tech solution will ever block bad actors’ behaviour entirely, but this new hurdle will work within our constantly evolving suite of technologies and tooling, to slow them down considerably and reduce the number of channels they can impact.”

In recent times, many efforts have been made to work on issues surrounding hate raids including popular streaming software, Streamlabs, implementing a new Safe Mode to tackle the problem.


Twitch also recently started legal proceedings against two users for alleged hate raids against Black and LGBTQ+ streamers while Vtuber Buffpup appeared on New York’s Fox 5 News to talk about the growing problem.

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