Twitch starts new paid boost feature goes live amidst backlash

The feature is live in US and available to about 100 streamers

Twitch‘s new paid boost feature has reportedly gone live, amidst backlash from the streaming community.

According to journalist Zach Bussey (thanks, Eurogamer), the feature, which is still in a testing phase and currently limited to US viewers, went live yesterday (October 28).

Bussey noted that there are three tiers of boost available: US$0.99 for 1000 recommendations, US$2.97 for 3000, and US$4.95 for 5000. An accompanying screenshot shows that viewers can purchase a maximum of US$500 per boost.


Continuing in his thread, Bussey added that the feature is currently limited to around 100 streamers, and apparently streamers can even buy self-promotions as they can purchase boosts for themselves.

So far however, the community isn’t impressed, having already voiced their concerns when the boost feature was announced earlier this month that it could exploit the goodwill of the community.

Based on feedback collated from Twitch’s UserVoice platform so far, the majority of comments with the most votes have been negative, the highest voted comment arguing that the feature should be allowed for affiliates but not partners, whereas others would rather see it scrapped altogether.

“I wish you and the team would stop trying to push features like this,” reads one comment. “Instead of having a “boost” feature, why not work on a better way to make smaller content creators to be discovered?”

Some streamers have also taken to Twitter urging their viewers not to use boosts as the money spent all goes towards Twitch rather than creators.


It’s not a great look for Twitch, which has already been under fire from its community after streamers went on strike last month, rallying under the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch in protest over the platform’s perceived lack of action in combatting online abuse, such as hate raids.

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