Twitch streamer breaks his $3000 PC while playing golf


Twitch streamer ‘lukeafkfan’ accidentally destroyed his expensive PC while streaming himself playing mini-golf.

As spotted by Dexerto, the streamer was playing golf in his house opposite his streaming setup and went to hit the ball into the hole, instead, his golf club got caught in his Christmas tree.

As this happened, lukeafkfan pulled with enough force to loosen the club from the tree, hitting the ball, which then bounced off his bedframe towards his PC. Afterwards, the streamer screams and rushes towards his computer to show his chat what had happened. The golf ball had completely shattered the glass panel on the side of his $3000 PC.


You can check out the clip below:

 “No! No! Fuuuuu-” said the streamer before the clip cut off. “Squidward, order me a new PC case. What the f**k. Oh no, my golfing career is over,” he said in another.

Prior to the disaster, the streamer’s chat challenged him to take down the reindeer with a ball which was why his room was set up the way it was. It seems that there may have been more damage done to the PC because as the stream went on a crackling noise could be heard, although lukeafkfan hasn’t addressed it just yet.

Last month, full-time streamer Ludwig Ahgren announced that he had signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming. This means that once Ludwig makes the move to YouTube, he will no longer be partnered with Twitch and will lose his verification badge on the streaming site.

The exclusivity deal also means that he will be unable to stream on both YouTube and Twitch at the same time–something that non-partnered Twitch streamers can do–and will solely be playing games and chatting to his viewers on YouTube instead.


In other news, 343 Industries has promised that Halo Infinite will get some drastic changes to limited-time events before the return of the Fracture: Tenrai.