Twitch streamer pledges 20 seconds for every new sub, stays live for over two weeks

He eats, sleeps, and games on cam

Twitch streamer Ludwig has been live on the broadcast platform for over two weeks, promising 20 seconds for every subscription purchased.

Ludwig was already one of Twitch’s top streamers, coming in at the 11th most popular English-speaking channel, but his latest experiment has caused a surge in channel subscriptions. At the time of writing, Ludwig was asleep on camera leaving friends to play games for him, and the stream was averaging 20,000 viewers.

Each subscription initially added 20 seconds to the timer, but Ludwig has lowered this to 10 seconds and introduced a 31-day cap given the popularity of the stream. Viewers are also limited to 100 gift subscription purchases, or they will be banned until the end of the stream.


The timer is currently at just under eight hours, meaning the stream could finish today – but a surge of subscriptions would extend the timer.

Ludwig has alternated between chatting, gaming, and fulfilling his daily needs such as sleeping and eating – all in front of the camera. When asleep or busy, he drafts in friends to stream games to keep viewers entertained, but also remains on-screen himself.

Twitch reported record viewership figures in January of 2021, more than doubling that of January 2020. In a report by StreamElements, it was revealed that the subscription-based live broadcast channel saw an increase of 112 per cent compared due in part to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to this yearly increase, January 2021 saw Twitch exceed two billion hours watched, while Facebook Gaming reached over 439 million. This boom in viewership increased the popularity of a number of titles, such as Rust which saw the total number of hours watched month-on-month increase by 1,226 per cent.

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