Twitch star Pokimane feels “burnt out” by streaming

The streamer aims to change her approach to work

Twitch streamer Pokimane, who has over 8million followers, has detailed her battle with burnout due to numerous ongoing projects.

Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, discussed her feelings of burnout in a video on her second channel. The streamer states she is “burnt out, unlike any other way I’ve been burnt out in the past.” Anys detailed how she has trouble turning down projects as she attempted to live a life without regret.

Anys streams on the Pokimane channel for up to six hours at a time, playing popular titles Valorant, League Of Legends and Fortnite. The streamer also has numerous other projects in the works, which recently included an appearance in the Ryan Reynolds-starring film Free Guy.


Anys has previously taken a break from streaming, as she spent a month away from Twitch last summer because of feelings of burnout. This time around, though, it seems like Anys wants to change how she streams under the Pokimane channel permanently.

“Why do I have seven figures in my bank account for? “To feel like a slave to what I’m expected to do or to the capitalistic idea of always making the most amount of money that you can?” commented the streamer.

Anys started streaming as Pokimane in 2013 and has since grown into one of the most-watched channels on Twitch. She currently has the seventh-largest follower count on the platform, behind other popular streamers like Ninja and Shroud. Anys officially became the biggest female streamer on Twitch earlier this year.

Over the past four years, Google trends show that individuals searched for ‘burnout’ and other related terms more frequently than ever before. During the COVID-19 lockdown last year, searches for the term reportedly rose by 24% compared to the previous year.


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