Twitter leak may reveal ‘Tom Clancy’ crossover game from Ubisoft

It seems to have begun testing in January

The Division: Battlecat, a competitive PvP game that mashes up Tom Clancy’s The Division with Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, could be on the way according to a leak on Twitter.

Twitter user Zer0bytes_ posted 8 images along with a brief description reading “The Division “BattleCat” is a Splinter Cell x Breakpoint x Divison mashup pvp game. it began testing around january.”


Although there doesn’t seem to be any gameplay revealed in the images, some details are shown. One potential mode, Escort, appears to be similar to Overwatch’s Payload missions in which an attacking team escorts a package while the defending team attempts to stop them from doing so. Another is Ringleader where players collect rings from other fallen players.

Other images show various factions, all taken from Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy universe.

The Echelon are shown wearing infra-red goggles similar to Sam Fisher’s from Splinter Cell. Like Fisher, their tactic is to use stealth subterfuge against enemies.

The Wolves from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint appear to be a selectable team here and according to the description they’re “as deadly as they are hard to kill”.

The remaining factions listed in the post are both from The Division. The Cleaners, whose main weapon is fire, appear as well as the Outcasts who can heal team members more efficiently after dealing damage.

Although Zer0Bytes_ alleges the game has been in testing since January, it’s not clear whether it’s an internal test or a closed beta involving selected players.


This isn’t the only leak Ubisoft’s had to deal with before this year’s upcoming E3. Gameplay footage from a closed beta of The Division: Heartlands, a free-to-play PvPvE multiplayer experience, was uploaded to Vimeo before being taken down at Ubisoft’s request.