‘Two Point Campus’ Halloween update introduces new challenge mode

Now your universities can get in on the Halloween fun

Two Point Campus is the latest game to get in on the Halloween fun, with a spooky update that will populate your university with zombie students and werewolf teachers.

The update is available right now, and will remain so until November 1. However, developer Two Point Studios has said that some of the added content will be kept in the game once the spooky season is over.

As seen in the trailer below, Two Point Campus‘ Halloween update also adds a new challenge mode, with two new challenges added to the game in celebration of Halloween. The Siege of Noblestead will see the players dealing with a horde of zombies amassing around their university, while Pumpkin High features a character with the excellent name Nefaria Munch, who has transformed the students into her pumpkin-headed minions.


The update also brings a range of new customisation options. There are three new Halloween-themed outfits available for staff and students, letting them dress up as werewolves, mummies and zombies. Additionally, there are some new decoration items to help you get in the spooky mood, with eerie items like cobwebs on hand to decorate your classrooms.

The full list of the new content is available in the update post on the game’s Steam page.

Two Point Campus was warmly received by Nic Reuben in their four-star review for NME, describing it as a “worthy and truly iterative sequel to Two Point Studio’s loving revival of Bullfrog’s legacy,” adding that the game “absolutely messes with the classics. It remixes, reinvents and reduxes, with all the brash confidence of a student union DJ slipping their own Fruity Loops beats into a Friday night playlist. Against all odds, they’re actually bangers.”

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