Ubisoft CEO casts doubt over E3 2023 going ahead

“If it happens, we’ll be there”

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has suggested E3 2023 may not go ahead.

After E3 2022 was cancelled last year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed the showcase would return in 2023. “We will devote all our energy and resources to delivering a revitalised physical and digital E3 experience next summer,” said the company, confirming it would be held in Los Angeles as usual.

Later that year, ESA president Stan Pierre-Louis then confirmed E3 2023 would be an in-person and digital event before dates were announced in September.


“We’re excited about coming back in 2023 with both a digital and an in-person event,” said Pierre-Louis. “As much as we love these digital events, and as much as they reach people and we want that global reach, we also know that there’s a really strong desire for people to convene — to be able to connect in person and see each other and talk about what makes games great.”

According to organisers, E3 2023 will take place from June 13 to June 16 with “partnered digital events and showcases” set to kick off June 11.

E3. Credit: Christian Petersen / Gettyimages.
E3. Credit: Christian Petersen / Gettyimages.

However Ubisoft has now implied E3 2023 may not be going ahead.

Speaking on an earnings call yesterday (February 16), Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said: “If E3 happens, we will be there and we will have a lot of things to show.” After it was reported by VGC, Ubisoft refused to comment.

As it stands, Ubisoft hasn’t missed an E3 show in over 20 years. However earlier this year, it was reported that Xbox, Nintendo and Sony are all set to skip E3 2023.


Microsoft is set to host a summer showcase in Los Angeles during E3, with CEO Phil Spencer saying: “E3 is just, to me, one of the seminal moments of gaming. I love the history of going down to LA, thousands of people there, getting to see great new things…getting to see people in the industry, the fan events that we’ve had. I definitely want that to continue.”

“So we place our showcase, like we always have done, at a time where hopefully it’s convenient for press and even consumers that are going to the E3 event, and that’s what we’re trying to do now.” However he didn’t confirm whether Microsoft would be taking part in the actual E3 convention.

As previously reported, E3 2023 will be run by PAX organiser Reedpop, alongside the ESA.

In other news, a 28-strong team of industry veterans have come together to form a new studio, Wildlight Entertainment.

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