Ubisoft gives ‘Ghost Recon’ staff anniversary NFTs

Oh you didn't have to, as in I'd really rather you hadn't

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Recon franchise Ubisoft is giving the development team baseball cap NFTs.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffered from a somewhat troubled launch. While the game wasn’t released in the state developers would have hoped for, the team has been working hard to correct it.

Now, as reported by Kotaku, Ubisoft has decided to give its team baseball cap NFTs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Recon franchise.


“With the opening of the Ubisoft Quartz platform in December, we thought of creating an exclusive Digit for you, the Ghost Recon 20th anniversary cap! If you want to receive this exclusive Digit, we will inject it into your crypto-wallet on the 9th of March.”

Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft

Despite protestations by staff Ubisoft decided to insert NFTs into the game, which the developer calls Digits, under the project name Ubisoft Quartz. This project had a troubled launch, selling only approximately 15 NFTs in the first week.

Again, despite poor sales and disrupt in the company, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot went on to hold an impromptu meeting with staff stating that he stood by the decision. A few days later Ubisoft affirmed to the public that Quartz was here to stay. It’s not just the developers at Ubisoft who were stung by the decision either, as 70 per cent of game developers asked say they have no interest in NFTs.

VP of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, Nicolas Pouard, who oversees Ubisoft’s NFTs, has said that Quartz is for the player but they “just don’t get it”. One of his points for NFTs is the notion that players could carry their NFTs across games. However it is rumoured that Pouard has admitted internally that he doesn’t know how the “interoperability” will work as there is no system to allow for it at this time.


In other news, Dark Souls and Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaka has revealed the boss fight he is most proud of.

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