Ubisoft is providing alternate housing for its employees in Ukraine

The developer is providing financial help and housing in neighbouring countries

Ubisoft has provided early paychecks and housing in neighbouring countries for its employees in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Developer Ubisoft has two studios currently situated in Ukraine; one on the coast in Odesa near Moldova, and one in the capital Kyiv. In recent tweets they have explained how they have been monitoring the ongoing invasion of the country, and have now acted to provide its employees with assistance.

“All out thoughts are with our teams and their loved ones in Ukraine. Over the past months, we have been closely monitoring the situation and taken measures to accompany them in the best possible way by helping to protect their safety and providing financial support.”

“In light of the dramatic escalation, we are fully mobilised to continue to provide them with additional assistance. Their safety is our primary concern. Our hearts are also with our players, partners, and all those impacted.”

Ubisoft has claimed to The Loadout, that it has paid wages in advance to all employees, who were working in Ukraine. Further it claims to have provided alternate accommodation in neighbouring countries for those fleeing the warzone.

Ubisoft has several offices in nearby countries. The closest to the Kyiv office is in Warsaw, Poland. The Odesa office has three studios nearby in Romania and Bulgaria. Despite the locations relative proximity, it would still take approximately ten hours to reach them by car.

It is not clear however, if the offices are near its other branches or closer to the Ukrainian border. Ubisoft also holds an office in Moscow, Russia however it is not clear at the moment if and how Ubisoft intends to assist these employees also.

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