Ubisoft workers ask for public support in battle with the publisher

A Better Ubisoft is asking players to sign their open letter

ABetterUbisoft, a group of current and former Ubisoft employees, is seeking public support in their ongoing battle against the publisher.

In a tweet posted on November 5, the group parodies the widely mocked emails that Ubisoft sent players encouraging them to play more Far Cry 6. “You disappoint us, M. Guillemot. 100 days, zero demands met. Surely you can do better than this.”


“100 days ago we signed our open letter and set out our four key demands. None of our demands have been met. So today we’re launching a new petition, open for ALL our supporters to sign”

The open letter asks those willing to sign to provide a reason why they support A Better Ubisoft, as well as if they’re a player, streamer, Ubisoft fan, Ubisoft Star Player, current or former employee, or a developer.

On October 29, ABU tweeted its support for the workers at Activision in the wake of the company acknowledging some of their demands. Activision has committed to ending forced arbitration and hiring more women and non-binary workers.

However, ABU also criticised Ubisoft for dragging its feet and making only empty promises when Activision could implement some changes so rapidly.

“Only yesterday Activision Blizzard committed to increase their number of women and non-binary workers by 50% within five years. They have promised to invest $250 million ‘to accelerate opportunities for diverse talent’ and to release annual salary transparency reports, meeting some of the ABK Workers Alliance demands. In just three months it seems that they have listened to the concerns of employees and acted on them. While our demands are not identical, many overlap and could be addressed through similar actions just as swiftly.”

Both Ubisoft and Activision workers have been fighting for better working conditions amidst numerous sexual misconduct and workplace abuse allegations against the companies. In late June 2020, allegations against Ubisoft executives began. A year later, in July 2021, California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision for its alleged “frat boy” work culture.


Elsewhere, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is now available to pre-load on consoles. The game will release November 11, with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas arriving on Game Pass the same day.