UK retailer Simply Games reportedly shut down, all pre-orders refunded

The website has been inaccessible since February

UK based games retailer Simply Games appears to have ceased trading, with reports of refunded pre-orders appearing online.

Simply Games’ website has been inaccessible since February (thanks, VGC). At the time, when questioned by a user on Twitter about why it appeared the store was closing down, the Simply Games Twitter account responded, “We are currently implementing changes to our internal systems and reviewing our pre-order process which is why we only have a limited display of products at the current time.

“This should be completed within the coming weeks and new titles will then be added to the website.”


Heading to Simply Games’ website results in a message that says “We are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and expect to be back very soon! We appreciate your patience.”

Now, as reported by VGC, a number of customers are claiming that they have received emails from Simply Games saying their pre-orders had been cancelled. One user had their copy of Gran Turismo 7 cancelled back in February. The last post from Simply Games on its Facebook page also suggests that users have had their orders cancelled.

Boss Deals Store, an eBay shop linked to Simply Games, has also been confirmed to no longer be selling any kind of product, though the page is still active.

According to VGC, the retailer was known by users for breaking street dates, with some titles being delivered as early as three or four days before official release.

Simply Games has not released any kind of official response regarding the situation, and its last social media post was from February 22, advertising the at the time upcoming release of Elden Ring.


In other news, Ubisoft is reportedly working on a new battle royale called Pathfinder. It will apparently be a different take on the genre, and will see players take on the form of a “hero.”

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