Ultrawings 2 announced for PCVR and Oculus Quest

VR flying fun coming out early next year

Bit Planet Games has announced Ultrawings 2, the sequel to its VR focused flight game, planned to release in February.

Ultrawings 2 is an open-world aerial adventure made for VR. Players can use in-game motion controls or peripherals such as a gamepad or hands-on throttle and stick setup to pilot their way around a VR world. Players earn in-game money by completing missions, which can then be used to purchase aircraft and islands.

When discussing the games input system, the Steam page says, “Our ground-breaking motion control system is back and better than ever! Use your virtual hands (don’t worry, HOTAS and gamepad are supported too) to fully interact and control your aircraft. Don’t forget to deploy your landing gear.”


The controls are simplified enough to allow for easy flying without compromising the interactive VR controls.

Ultrawings 2 will have hundreds of missions that will keep players busy for 40-60 hours. Some of these include:

  • Pop balloons with a dart pistol in the ultralight.
  • Touch and Go in the helicopter.
  • Perform aerobatics in the stunt plane.
  • Spot Land in the rocket-powered glider.
  • Destroy enemy drones in the fighter.

Ultrawings 2 also adds new combat missions to the series. These optional modes allow players to take on ai opponents in dogfights. Enemy bombers will also need to be intercepted. Finally, a unique mode allows pilots to destroy enemy convoys using a grenade pistol fired from the cockpit.

The game contains many features, with these listed on the Store page.

3X the gameplay of the original Ultrawings. New mission types become available as you progress through the game.

Pilot 5 unique aircraft (including a helicopter!) using your virtual hands for an unparalleled, incredibly immersive experience!  Fully customizable HOTAS and gamepad are supported too.

  • Explore all-new, hand-crafted islands.  Each island is about 3x larger than the ones in Ultrawings!
  • The world is teeming with life! Buzz cars, boats, and other aircraft.
  • Take to the skies during day, night, dusk, and in rainy conditions.
  • Ultrawings 2 is designed and built for expansion. Expect new aircraft, new gameplay (air races anyone?) and new islands to be released post-launch.

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