Uncredited ‘Metroid Dread’ developers speak out

Some MercurySteam devs were not included in the credits

MercurySteam developers who worked on Metroid Dread speak out after not being included in the game’s credits.

­3D artist Roberto Mejías says he worked on Metroid Dread during his time at the studio.

“I would like to sincerely congratulate the Metroid Dread team for putting out such an exceptional game,” he said via LinkedIn. “I am not surprised by the quality of the game, as the amount of talent on that team was through the roof. I know it first-hand because, despite not appearing in the game’s credits, I was part of that team for about eight months.”


However, it looks as though, despite recognising his work in the final game, he has not been included in the game’s credits.

“When playing, I have recognised quite a few models and environments in which I worked… so my work is there,” he added. “So, I would like to ask to MercurySteam: Why am I not appearing in the game credits? Is it some kind of mistake?”

According to Spanish gaming site Vandal, the studio confirmed it operates a policy where developers who worked for less than 25% of the game’s total development time are not included in the credits.

“The policy of the studio requires that anyone must work on the project at least 25% of the time, of the total development of the game, to appear in the final credits,” said a studio spokesperson. “Sometimes exceptions are made when making exceptional contributions.”

Another former employee who worked at MercurySteam as a 3D character animator on the project also reports similar treatment.

“I’m very happy and proud to finally be able to see my work on the project. A job that I did with great love and enthusiasm! I am also very proud of the whole team!” said Tania Peñaranda via LinkedIn.


“But it also saddens me to see that I am not in the credits for the work I did. It has been hard for me to see that they have considered that it should be this way when I have seen in each game a lot of animations that I did. Even so, I am very proud of my work and happy with how people are enjoying the game and the creatures to which I had the pleasure of giving life.”

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