Unity says pandemic brought “long-lived” changes to games industry

The Unity Gaming Report 2022 states the daily player base for PC and console gaming has risen by 62 per cent since 2019

Unity, a popular engine for creating games, has shared that the pandemic has brought “long-lived and sustainable” changes to the games industry, with a record number of people creating and playing games.

The Unity Gaming Report 2022 uses data from over 230,000 developers who create games using Unity, and is a comprehensive look at the world’s gaming habits over the last year.

In the latest report, Unity claimed that “far from a “pandemic spike” the changes in the games industry appear to be long-lived and sustainable,” and added that “in 2021, the number of people playing games is at far higher levels than they were pre-COVID and the industry has continued to step up to feed the demand”.


Unity stated that the number of games made via its engine rose by 93 per cent in 2021, with a 31 per cent bump in new creators. Similarly, the number of daily active users playing games on PC and console has increased by 62 per cent since the beginning of 2019, while mobile gaming has increased its daily player base by 74 per cent.

Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

Regarding finance, the Unity Gaming Report 2022 shared that “the pandemic spike raised gaming revenue by 30 per cent for games operated with Unity,” and predicts the gaming industry’s revenue will reach £229billion ($300billion) by 2027.

Commenting on the report, Ingrid Lestiyo – Unity Operate Solutions’ senior vice president and general manager – shared that “in the face of high player demand and even greater player expectations during these unique times, we have seen creators step up and deliver incredibly inspiring, creative, and innovative ways for people to engage and connect through gaming.”

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