Upcoming DLC for ‘The Outer Worlds’ adds a brand-new planet

‘Peril On Gorgon’ also includes new weapons and characters

Obsidian Entertainment has announced Peril On Gorgon, the first of two DLCs for its sci-fi action RPG game The Outer Worlds.

The expansion will bring players to the planet of Gorgon, where they will have to solve a “noir-tinged” mystery. The DLC will reportedly be fully cohesive with the main campaign, according to Polygon, and will also add new weapons and characters.

“We’re really pushing some of the revelations and some of the bigger narrative feeds where you’re learning about the stuff that has really influenced life [in the solar system of] Halcyon … and [your companions] definitely have feelings about it,” senior narrative designer Carrie Patel said.


Watch the trailer for Peril On Gorgon below.

Project art director Matt Hansen also noted that there will be different perks to unlock on Gorgon that can be used to a player’s advantage outside of the planet. “If you’re one of those masochistic players that loves to tackle high-level content at a much earlier level, you’ll get access to that stuff much earlier,” he added.

Peril On Gorgon will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at $14.99 on September 9, with a Nintendo Switch release coming at “a later date”. There will also be an expansion pass for The Outer Worlds at $24.99, which features both Peril On Gorgon and a second upcoming DLC.

The Outer Worlds was first released in October 2019. A Nintendo Switch port of the game was released earlier this year on June 6.