Upcoming ‘League Of Legends’ champion Akshan brings high-speed mobility to the Rift

Lights, camera, Akshan!

Riot Games has revealed the many abilities of Akshan, the next champion to join the League Of Legends roster in patch 11.15.

In an abilities rundown posted earlier in the week, Riot Games has shared details on what the upcoming marksman will be capable of.

Designed as “a new kind of assassin”, Akshan will need players to rely on a grappling hook and slippery stealth skills to succeed in bursting down enemies.


As mentioned in his champion insight, the team behind Akshan “wanted to craft an experience that would feel like a distinct assassin style, but also clearly feel like a marskman…and put those two worlds together in mid lane”.

Akshan’s passive allows him to fire a second attack after the first, which can be cancelled to provide increased movement speed. He’ll also do extra damage every three hits, which will provide Akshan with a shield if his target was a champion.

His Q is a skillshot that deals physical damage and extends in range for each enemy hit, dealing damage as the boomerang flies out and again when it returns to him. This will also reveal stealthed enemies.

His W, Going Rogue, is arguably one of the strongest tools in Akshan’s kit. Enemy champions who kill a teammate will be marked as a ‘scoundrel’, which Akshan will be rewarded for killing. If successful, Akshan receives bonus gold and revives any allies killed by the marked enemy.


That’s not all – his W also allows him to become camouflaged (invisible unless an enemy is within proximity) temporarily, though this can last indefinitely if he remains close to walls. While camouflaged, Akshan can see the trails of Scoundrels and gains movement speed and mana regeneration while following them.

His E is a highly mobile grappling hook which allows Akshan to swing from terrain. This ability fires bullets at the nearest enemy and the cooldown is reset if Akshan kills an enemy champion.

Finally, Akshan’s ultimate ability – Comeuppance – builds up stored bullets in his gun. Upon releasing them percentage health damage will be dealt to the target, which includes structures.

Akshan will launch with a Cyber Pop skin and plays a prominent part in the ongoing Rise Of The Sentinels event. As a Sentinel himself, Akshan is expected to help bring an end to Viego’s current invasion of Runeterra.

The event includes a visual novel, brand-new game mode and additional skins reflecting  current lore developments.