‘V Rising’ mod adds first and third-person cameras

The mod offers a classic action-adventure experience

An updated V Rising mod allows the player to experience the vampire game in first and third-person.

The Modern Camera mod is currently available on Thunderstore and can be installed with Mod Manager, but it has been around for a while. The new, updated version has undergone some changes, including its most recent release which features a first-person and third-person camera angle implementation (via PC GamesN).

In short, the V Rising mod “makes the camera more like an action MMO [massively multiplayer online] camera” as the description explains and gives the player the option to switch between the first-person view or a third-person view. You can take a look at what gameplay looks like in a Reddit post below:


The first-person view will always show the interior castle roof in-game, while also locking camera rotation and offsetting the camera height when the player has shapeshifted.

On the other hand, the third-person view has the most features and makes the game seem like a classic fantasy adventure experience. It includes a keybind for action mode which will lock the camera rotation, a crosshair for the same mode, zoom distance, options to adjust the minimum and maximum pitch angles, over-the-shoulder offsets, and aiming offsets.

It also features the option to show the interior roof of the player’s castle, as well as an option to lock the aim. The Modern Camera mod currently has 11,948 downloads and the team behind it will continue to update it going forward.

V Rising has been labelled the vampire version of the survival Viking game Valheim and features a top-down camera angle similar to Diablo. The game launched in early access on May 17 on Steam. Shortly afterwards, it hit 500,000 copies sold and has continued to grow in popularity since.

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