‘Valheim’ has added midsummer content

The 0.209.8 patch for Valheim is live now and adds new midsummer content as well as bug fixes and improvements

Valheim’s 0.209.8 patch has been released and features new midsummer content, bug fixes and some important Steam Cloud save information.

As announced in the Steam patch notes, Valheim has had new content added to the game as well as some bug fixes and improvements. Previously, a bug with Steam Cloud saves would cause players’ progress to be lost if they were playing on multiple accounts on the same PC.

Developer Iron Gate Studio has made changes to how the game saves, moving Cloud saves to the Steam “userdata” folder, and adding a new local folder. Players will be able to easily see which characters and worlds are located on the Cloud, and which are locally stored.


Iron Gate added a dedicated FAQ for this topic to give players all the information they’ll need regarding the change. According to the developer, players won’t need to do anything differently, but it does advise making a backup of any saves just in case.

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate.

As well as the change to the save process, midsummer-themed items have been added to Valheim including a Maypole being available in the build menu, flower crowns and new banner colours of orange, white, yellow and purple to celebrate this time of year.

It’s also been confirmed the game will now run on Unity version 2020.3.33 which, according to the notes, means crashes should be reduced. There have also been fixes to tamed animals, meaning they’ll now follow players into Haldor’s forcefield. As well as this, there are UI improvements and Yagluth’s hair will no longer fly around in the air uncontrollably.

In other news, a hacker has reportedly stolen over £1.6 million worth of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins and items, reselling them on the Steam marketplace.