‘Valheim’ mods lets players explore and conquer Europe

Players can explore the UK, Iceland and other parts of Europe

A new Valheim mod released on NexusMods allows players to travel, explore and conquer an in-game rendition of Europe.

The Europe world map is built on two different mods, the Better Continents mod and the WorldGenOptions mod. Working together, these two mods enable users to create custom map shapes for players to explore.

Valheim’s world maps are normally procedurally-generated and built from a seed number, meaning every instance of the map is unique. This is a popular method of world-building in survival games, as it creates unique game instances with each new playthrough.


The likes of Minecraft, No Man’s Sky and The Binding of Isaac have all used procedural-generation to build worlds and levels.

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate

Mod creator, ConflicX describes the mod as allowing Valheim players to: “Raid the shores of Europe, invade the UK and settle it or find Iceland after a long trek on the ocean!”

Players interested in installing the mod will need to follow the steps below:

Step One: Download Better Continents and WorldGenOptions, install both

Step Two: Download the Europe – World Save


Step Three: Extract the save file in Valheim’s save folder which should be: C:\Users\**\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds.

At the beginning of March, Valheim had sold over five million copies since it launched at the start of February. The Viking-themed survival game allows groups of up to ten people to play together in a huge procedurally-generated world.

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