‘Valheim’ mountain biome arriving in early 2022

Although the Mistlands biome is still a ways off

Valheim is finally getting one of its more minor biome updates ahead of the Mistlands, as outlined by developer Iron Gate Studio.

In October, the developer showed off some early images of the caves and said that the team was looking “to make the Mountains a bit more interesting, especially for those of you who love to explore new places.”

“Speaking of that content, it’s getting more and more complete,” said the developers in a more recent blog post. “We aim to be able to release it early next year, but until then we thought we’d give you yet another sneak peek,” where they then showed off one of the below images.


Valheim cave
Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate Studio

Iron Gate Studio also provided a little bit of an update on the Mistlands biome as well, writing: “As the development of the caves is gradually progressing, that means more and more energy can be focused on the Mistlands update. There’s a lot to be done in order to bring you a whole biome, as we need to establish everything from resources and new things to craft, to enemies and the big bad boss, but we’re really liking what we have so far!”

Precisely what both the Mistlands and the upcoming additions of caves will add to Valheim remains to be seen, but it’s looking very interesting.

Iron Gate Studio recently expressed how it is excited for the Steam Deck, with programmer and designer Jonathan Smårs adding that “Valheim worked pretty much as-is on the Steam Deck without any real issues, both the Linux version and through proton. Mainly we are working on a few controller accessibility issues and some font sizes to make sure everything is readable.”

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