‘Valheim’ launches Mountains update with a new dungeon, enemies, and more

There's always gonna be another mountain

The Mountains update for Valheim is now live, adding in a new form of instanced dungeons, loot, and more.

As part of the Mountains update for Valheim, Frost Caves are new, instanced dungeons that aren’t too different to the Black Forest’s Burial Chambers or the Swamps’ Sunken Crypts. Frost Caves will not have a set location that you will find them in, and will only spawn in unexplored areas of the map, and only in the mountain biome.

Valheim’s Frost Caves will harbour enemies like the newly introduced cultists and bats, as well as wolves. In terms of loot, players can expect to find Red Jute, Fenring Hair, and Fenring Claw crafting items, which can then be turned into a Fenring-themed armour set, a new weapon called flesh rippers, and build pieces like a red jute carpet or curtain.


There is also apparently a new enemy event, but developer Iron Gate has not made it clear what it entails. Players will know they are experiencing it when the words “you stirred the cauldron” splash across the screen.

“The goal was to give mountains a similar challenge in close quarters to what players can find in the Swamps and the Black Forest, as well as a chance to square off against new feral enemies,” said Iron Gate Studio co-founder Henrik Törnqvist. “You might have noticed a couple of Fenrings stalking the peaks at night, but did you ever think about where they go when the dawn comes?”

Other fixes and improvements are coming to Valheim as part of the patch, including an FPS limiter setting, various UI fixes, and no map mode improvements. There are also a few quality of life improvements, like chat being able to be closed using ESC, mouse, or gamepad B. Furthermore, the Valheim patch also introduces full controller support too.

In other news, Xbox has announced the latest games coming to Game Pass, including Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Far: Changing Tides.

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