‘Valheim’ players are building Whiterun from ‘Skyrim’

We can’t wait to visit the Cloud District

Several creative Valheim players are rebuilding one of Skyrim’s most iconic locations, the town of Whiterun.

Announced in a post on Reddit last week, user Djchieu revealed his plans and asked for support from the community. “Started an attempt at building Whiterun. Looking for some builders who would like to help. I have all the materials you should need,” Djchieu wrote.

Even though the project is in its early stages, the players working on it have already made noticeable progress with the front gates, city walls and numerous buildings already in place.

Whiterun: Update 5 from valheim



In the initial video, Djchieu had only set the overall outline for the city and terraformed parts of the land. Five days later, the team was well on its way to building a town fit for a jarl.

Since announcing the project, Djchieu has enlisted the help of other Valheim players. The project is now slowly growing into a wider community build, with updates on progress being posted every few days.

Skyrim’s Whiterun Credit: Bethesda

Whiterun is one of the central towns in 2011’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The town, which is the one the first areas the player visits, is built up of multiple areas and contains numerous shops, buildings and characters which players can interact with.


Valheim is a procedurally-generated action-adventure which pits players against a group of ancient Nordic monsters. It features survival and combat gameplay, but also has a building system which Djchieu and other players are utilising to build Whiterun.

It was released to early access on February 2, and since then the game has sold over four million copies and reached over 423,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Writing about the game’s success on NME, Jordan Oloman said: “The basic survival gameplay is so good that you actively forget about the grand scheme of things and just enjoy the moment.”