‘Valheim’ teases mysterious ruins in upcoming Mistlands update

Iron Gate also teased more inhabitants for the Mistlands

In a recent Steam post from Iron Gate, some mysterious ruins have been teased as part of a future update for Valheim.

Iron Gate has steadily provided teases for an upcoming update that’s set to improve the Mistlands biome, and now the studio has revealed some screenshots of some new ruins that will be coming to the biome. “Just like the other areas of Valheim, the Mistlands were once a place where civilisations of old built homes and strongholds alike,” wrote Iron Gate in the post.

“In the past month we have been finalising the designs of these structures and we quite like how they fit in the world! They might change somewhat as they still need to be weathered and turned into ruins to show just how long they’ve been standing.”


You can check out what the ruins currently look like below:

Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate.

Also shown off in the post is a speed modelling video of a Mistlands hare. The Mistlands does not currently have any animal spawns, as the biome is a work in progress. But the video does give players a look at one of the animals they can expect in the biome.

Interestingly, the post also says that the team has “also been working on creating another kind of inhabitants for the Mistlands,” though noted that they would “like to keep them a surprise” for a little longer. “What we can say, however, is that we think they’ll be something many of you have been curious about!”

One of the other recent teases shown off by Iron Gate is a new weapon that’s coming to Valheim, a bow, which is also planned to be added as part of the Mistlands update.


In other news, Bungie’s legal claims against a cheat site have been dismissed by court due to lack of evidence.

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