‘Valheim’ update continues to fix Hearth And Home changes

The update also adds festive Jack-o-turnips

Iron Gate Studios has released a new Valheim patch that continues to tweak unpopular changes in the recent Hearth And Home update.

Valheim’s Hearth And Home update was eagerly awaited, but many fans found it didn’t add enough yet changed too much. Since then, Iron Gate has been releasing patches to try and address these issues while still encouraging the new systems.

The latest patch, which was released earlier today (October 4), has fixed the oven and cooking station, which were not dropping food items when they were destroyed. Acorn and birch seed drop rates have also been increased to help player reforest their lumber supplies. The difficulty scaling based on player numbers has also been tweaked.


Most notably, in this patch, several changes have been made to certain food items. Blood pudding, boar jerky, bread, deer stew, mincemeat sauce, and wolf jerky have all had their stats changed. Now the items should provide health and stamina buffs that are more proportional with the amount of effort to craft.

The update also enabled the Jack-o-turnip, which can be crafted to add spooky decoration to players camps and mead halls.

Enemy AI also got some tweaks. Fulings, the goblin-like monsters of Valheim’s late-game, will now spread out more and attempt to circle players instead of conga-lining towards them. Monsters that spawn in the night will also despawn faster once the sun comes up. Finally, parries against ranged attacks will once again stagger the enemy that cast it, despite this not making much sense.

This patch builds upon a previous Valheim update which rebalanced the HP and stamina distribution on most foods. The patch also reduced the health points for Fulings and made them easier to stagger.


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