‘Valorant’ adds a clutch mute feature for players with loud teammates

The clutch mute feature is perfect for silencing annoying (or just plain loud) team members at crucial moments

Riot Games has shared the contents of Valorant patch 4.11, which will add a clutch mute feature to allow players to focus when they’re the last person left on their team.

While patch 4.11 doesn’t bring any new agents, it does introduce a much-needed clutch mute feature. This means that if a player is the last person left on their team and needs to be able to hear what’s going on in the game, they can mute their spectating teammates so that their talking doesn’t mask crucial sounds such as an enemy’s footsteps.

This is particularly useful because in round-based shooters, unsportsmanlike allies can deliberately talk loudly over the “clutching” player in an effort to frustrate them.


To enable the clutch mute feature to have it ready for when you’re the last agent left standing, you can open up Valorant and go to Settings, then Controls, then Communication.

Valorant Kay/O
Valorant. Credit: Riot Games

You can then select which buttons enable clutch mute for your entire team or just party members. When these buttons have been selected, pressing the right one will enable clutch mute whenever it’s needed.

Besides the useful clutch mute feature, Valorant patch 4.11 consists of various bug fixes. Some of these were causing balance issues – for example, Jett was achieving “faster than intended speeds” by using Tailwind in certain locations, while Yoru has (again) been tweaked to stop players using weapons too soon after leaving Dimensional Drift. Another issue causing players to see the location of enemy Astra star has also been addressed, along with several abilities that were not turning up on the minimap.

Last week, Riot shared an article explaining how it would be addressing map diversity in Valorant.

In other gaming news, Square Enix has shared that the company’s recent sale of major western property will be used to “foster solid IP” – not NFTs.

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