‘Valorant’ adds Escalation, a new mode featuring randomised weapons

"Unleash your arsenal"

Riot Games has announced Escalation, a brand new game mode for its competitive multiplayer shooter Valorant.

The mode offers a new, more casual way to play the game, whilst also enabling players to experiment and practice with various weapons. Players start Escalation with a powerful weapon, but as more kills are earned, these weapons are replaced with more challenging, less lethal weapons.

A trailer for the new mode is below:


Kyle Leach, engineer and designer on Valorant’s Modes, explains that Escalation was designed to create, “a quick, low stress Team Deathmatch mode with high uptime that’s fun to play socially with friends.”

The mode is inspired by the popular Gun Game mod from Counter Strike: Source. Speaking about Gun Game’s influence on Escalation, Leach said: “Getting several kills in quick succession with fun arcade-y sound effects and clean auto-equips, along with the thrill of racing opponents to a spectacular finish with a crazy weapon – these are feelings that Gun Game has always delivered fantastically that we’re hoping to capture in this mode.”

Escalation is a 5v5 mode which features a randomly generated complement of weapons and abilities for players to cycle through as they play, ordered from most to least lethal. After a set amount of points are met, players will be forced to cycle to the next weapon in the set.

Counter to Valorant’s main competitive mode, Escalation is capped at 10 minutes – if there is no winner at that point, the team with the lead wins and the match ends. The full rules of the mode are available here.


Riot Games have recently detailed the methods they have used to combat cheaters in Valorant, to meet their desire of keeping the game “valiant, fair, and legitimate.”