‘Valorant’ adds in-game tribute to “revive me Jett” player after death

Lance 'Finest' Arcilla, whose viral video spawned the "Revive me, Jett!" jokes in 'Valorant', died earlier in the month

Riot Games has updated Valorant to include an in-game tribute to Lance ‘Finest’ Arcilla, who spawned the game’s “revive me Jett” meme and sadly died earlier in the month.

Back in 2020, Arcilla found internet fame when he was recorded mistaking Jett’s ultimate ability in Valorant for Sage’s revive. In the below viral clip, Arcilla repeatedly asked a confused Jett player to revive him, which spawned the now-iconic line “revive me Jett” – something that’s remained a favourite line in the Valorant community for several years.


However, earlier this month it was reported that Arcilla had died at the age of 21.

Now (via Dexerto), Riot Games has added an in-game tribute to Arcilla that immortalises the player.

As part of the Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass, players will be able to unlock the ‘Finest’ tag, allowing them to equip Arcilla’s in-game username.

“In the upcoming Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass, we pay tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla, who gave the Valorant community so many unforgettable moments of joy. In his honour, all players can now carry his name with them,” said Riot Games on Twitter.

This is Arcilla’s second appearance in the game – back in Episode 2, Riot Games added a ‘Revive Me, Jett!’ spray that shows a puzzled Jett trying to use Sage’s revive.


The latest tribute has been well-received by fans. “Buying the [battlepass] to get this to honour him. Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten,” said one player, while another called Arcilla a “legend“.

Episode 4 Act 3 will also bring a new agent called Fade, a recon-oriented character whose skills can reveal, snare and blind enemy players.

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