‘Valorant’ reviews Agent balance over the past year

Riot also teases a new Agent

A dev post from Riot looks at how Valorant’s Agents have performed over the past year amid balance patches and new additions.

A new article on the Valorant site has been uploaded that looks at Agent balance. The report states that within one hour of launching an Agent, it receives more playtime than all of the internal testing playtime combined. This means that most of the data gathered on an Agents performance will only be collected once the character is in players’ hands.

The post says, “Yoru tore his way into games, but for some of you, he fell flat on his promise (catch up on those plans in our Yoru article!). Astra map control saw heavy presence in coordinated play. KAY/O suppressed everyone in his path, while at the same time the Patch 3.0 econ changes shook up who and what was played across the board. Viper created some sharp meta shifts, giving her a more prominent home on maps like Icebox and Breeze. Currently, Breach is seeing refreshed life on Fracture as well.”


Valorant also received a new Agent recently in the form of Chamber. He is still settling into his spot in the Agent lineup and is expected to shake up pro play over the next year.

Riot is also planning to focus more on Agent balance throughout the first six months of 2022 and promise to respond to balance issues faster than they did in 2021.

The article ends with a tease of the next Agent coming to Valorant, who appears to be Filipino based on the language used. “Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight. Before they arrive, we are going to take our usual winter break, recharge, and amp ourselves up for next year. Maraming salamat!”

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