‘Valorant’ weapon economy overhauled as Episode 3, Act 1 launches

Other changes include a nerf to run and gun tactics

Riot Games has revealed a trailer for Episode 3, Act 1 of its competitive first-person shooter Valorant.

The brand new ‘Kick Off’ trailer for Episode 3 has gone live, featuring clips from creators such as Dopatwo, Glam, Liquid Enigma, Bolixie, and diyyo.

You can watch the brand new trailer below:


Episode 3 will feature a wealth of changes to agents and weapons, as well as a whole host of performance updates and bug fixes.

All weapons have also had their walking inaccuracy stat increased, meaning it will be harder to shoot on the move. The entire weapon economy of the game has also seen a huge shakeup.

Co-lead designers Max Grossman and Sal Garozzo acknowledged that the changes may be hard to adjust to, saying: “There will be times when you are forced to make harder choices about what you bring into battle each round or forced to engage with an opponent differently—but just know that your enemies are facing the same challenges.”

Signature abilities have also changed. Players will now only be provided with a minimum of one charge per round, rather than accumulating. As per the patch notes: “For example, if you have a two charge signature ability and you end the round with one charge remaining, you will not gain an additional charge”.

This has knock-on effects for most agents, many of which have seen changes to their signature abilities, with agents Astra and Breach seeing the biggest changes across their toolkit.


Valorant Patch Notes Overview
Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Patch Notes. Credit: Riot Games

Other big changes are focused on competitive, which should see it harder to end up getting “hard stuck” on old accounts, referring to a term used by players who feel it can be harder to rank up on old accounts.

The patch notes also say that “Matchmaking accuracy will improve across all ranks, which should lead to a smoother ranked climb and reduce how hard you may swing up and down in rank.”

All of the information is available via Riot Games official Valorant page.

In other Valorant news, Episode 3’s new agent KAY/O was fully revealed on June 17. Described as a “machine of war” KAY/O has a suite of abilities that capitalise on grenade throwing, and suppressing opponents. 

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