Valve announces dates for Steam Autumn and Winter sales

Valve gets ahead of leakers to announce the dates first

Valve has confirmed dates for the Steam Autumn Sale and Steam Winter Sale, breaking a trend of third-parties leaking the dates before Valve.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Valve has published the precise dates for when the rest of Steam’s biggest sales in 2021 will begin and end.

Visible on the Steamworks page, the list reveals that the Steam Autumn Sale will run from November 24 to November 30. Meanwhile, the Steam Winter Sale will be available between December 22 to January 5.


The page also adds that the Steam Halloween Sale will begin on October 28 and will offer discounted games until November 1.

Details on the Halloween sale have already been revealed, with Valve encouraging developers to run in-game Halloween events in return for help increasing the visibility of their games.

steam deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

Outside of the sales, Steam was in the headlines earlier this month, when it was revealed that the storefront would be removing NFT and cryptocurrency-trading games from the platform.

Recently, Valve has also been busy preparing for the launch of the Steam Deck, which will start shipping in December 2021.

Last week, Valve confirmed that while not every Steam game will work on its console, the studio is reviewing every single game to help identify which are compatible. This involves separating games into four categories, based on how well they will (or won’t) run on the console – Verified, Playable, Unsupported and Unknown.


For its own game, Valve updated Half-Life 2 with ultrawide support and an increased FOV (field of view), likely ahead of the game launching on the handheld.

In other news, EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 specialist Emma “Sundance” Rosier will be Battlefield’s first non-binary character to be added. Sundance will be equipped with high-tech explosives such as scatter grenades and micro-drones.