Valve confirms the Steam Deck will not have any exclusive games

But the SteamOS will come to "other hardware soon"

Steam Deck, the upcoming handheld gaming PC, won’t have any titles unique to the hardware platform, Valve has confirmed.

In an official FAQ mainly targeted at game developers (as spotted by PCGamer), Valve says of platform exclusive titles: “No, that doesn’t make much sense to us. It’s a PC and it should just play games like a PC.”

This was in response to the question: “Would Valve be interested in having any Steam Deck exclusive titles?”, which given its appearance on a list of frequently asked questions, indicates that developers have shown fairly significant interest in creating such exclusives.


Steam Deck credit: Valve

Valve also confirms wider ambitions for SteamOS, the Steam Deck front end, with plans to release it as a separate operating system. “We don’t have exact timing on that. We’re really focused on making sure that Steam Deck is a great experience,” Valve notes, but adds “we’ll release it for other hardware soon.”

The FAQ also gives some insight into how the Steam UI will work on the handheld. Valve says “the default Store home page for Steam Deck shows only Deck Verified titles” – titles that have been confirmed to run smoothly on Steam Deck’s Linux-based OS. However, “the entire Steam store (with all titles, regardless of Deck Verified status) is still available to browse and purchase from, just one tab away.”

Steam Deck was originally meant to launch in December 2021 but has been delayed. With units not set to reach players until February 2022 at the earliest, some developers – such as Terraria creator Re-Logic – are using the extra time to refine their games for the platform.

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