Valve is reportedly building a Switch-like portable PC called the SteamPal

PC gaming, on the go?

According to a new report, Valve is currently building a Switch-inspired portable gaming PC called the ‘SteamPal’.

News of the console’s existence came via ArsTechnica yesterday (May 25). The SteamPal’is rumoured to be an all-in-one PC console which features a built-in gamepad and touchscreen controls.

According to multiple sources, the SteamPal could arrive as soon as the end of the year. The Switch-like console will reportedly run on Linux, and will play Steam games.


SteamDB developer, Pavel Djundik discovered a change in Steam’s code yesterday (May 25) which referenced the SteamPal console. Prior to the SteamPal codename, Valve had previously referred to the project as ‘Neptune’ based on code which appeared last year.

The SteamPal will probably share a resemblance to Nintendo Switch Light, which does not feature removable Joy-Cons. According to ArsTechnica, the SteamPal will also be considerably wider than Nintendo’s flagship console.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the SteamPal will not feature the Nvidia Tegra X1. Instead, the console will likely utilise AMD or Intel chipsets, which are commonly used in other similar handheld PC consoles.

The market for similar consoles has grown considerably in recent years. Consoles like the ONE XPLAYER have appeared on crowdfunding sites to great success. Handheld PC consoles like the ONE XPLAYER operate on Windows, and allow players to download and play games from their Steam library.

The ONE XPLAYER. Image Credit: One-Netbook
The ONE XPLAYER. Image Credit: One-Netbook


Valve’s unannounced console will reportedly dock to larger TV screens like the Nintendo Switch. It will be interesting to see how Valve incorporates the feature, considering Nintendo owns a patent for its docking technology.

Gabe Newell cryptically pointed to the existence of the SteamPal earlier this year during an Q&A session with school kids in New Zealand.

Newell responded to questions about Valve’s future by saying: “You will get a better idea of that by the end of this year… and it won’t be the answer you expect.”

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