Valve responds to #SaveTF2 fan campaign and is “working to improve things”

"We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things," shared Valve

Valve has responded to the #SaveTF2 campaign created by Team Fortress 2 fans, acknowledging issues with the game and sharing that it is “working to improve things”.

This month, Team Fortress 2 players have been rallying behind the #SaveTF2 tag, which aims to raise awareness about the long-standing shooter game’s current condition.

According to fans, the game is currently overrun with hackers and automated accounts that spoil matches for regular players. Fans say this has been going on for years due to Valve’s neglect, and their #SaveTF2 campaign aims to get the company to officially address these problems.


Today (May 27) fans have got their wish, as Valve has responded to the campaign on Twitter.

TF2 community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things,” shared the studio.

While the statement doesn’t detail what action Team Fortress 2 fans can expect, the acknowledgement from Valve alone has gone down well for some community members.

“[Valve] acknowledging the problem officially is an achievement on its own. Let’s hope they actually work on fixing this mess now,” shared one fan on the Team Fortress 2 Reddit.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2. Credit: Valve


Another fan took to Twitter to share cautious optimism: “I know we don’t want to let Valve off the hook yet and that we have our fingers crossed that they truly start taking action, but the fact that we actually got their attention and they acknowledged it is a good start! Thank you for this!”

However, other players are hesitant to praise Valve just yet, and want to see meaningful change before considering the campaign a success.

“Guys, the end goal is not to get a tweet from Valve. The end goal is to get an update to stop the bots,” warned one Team Fortress 2 player, while another added “I’ll believe it when I see it, Valve.”

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