‘Vampire Survivors’ has a secret tree character

Despite not being able to move, Peppino the tree is a powerful character

One of the new Vampire Survivors characters featured in the latest 0.7.3 beta update is an immobile tree.

Update 0.7.3, nicknamed The Posh One, was released today (June 23) and features a collection of brand new features, including the previously announced character Sir Ambrojoe.

However, it looks like the Castlevania-like roguelike shoot ’em up also includes the addition of a secret character: a tree named Peppino (via, Kotaku).


Although Peppino is a playable character, it doesn’t move at all meaning it will stand in the centre of the map surrounded by enemies. That doesn’t mean Peppino is useless though. The tree is able to cast spells, use abilities and other items to fight off enemies.

In order to play Peppino, players will first need to unlock it. Developer Poncle shared how this is done on the official Vampire Survivors Reddit, explaining that players will need to “Use Celestial Dusting to heal the plants at Il Molise for a total of 100,000 HP” to gain access.

As previously mentioned, 0.7.3 also included the addition of Sir Ambrojoe who is one of the +3 amount characters. In order to unlock this character, players will need to beat 6000 Stagekillers. Ambrojoe also starts with a temporary +10 amount bonus, in a similar way as characters like Porta and Clerici.

New weapons have also been added, such as the La Robba which is Sir Ambrojoe’s starting weapon and can also be bought from the merchant.

Credit: Poncle


Alongside some various tweaks and fixes and the addition of six new achievements, two new Relics called the Mindbender and Grim Grimoire have also been introduced, as well as two Arcanas named III – Tragic Princess and XX – Silent Old Sanctuary.

In other news, the Steam player count for Fall Guys has shot up despite it being delisted earlier this week.