‘Vampire Survivors’ prepares to launch out of Early Access

The smash hit Early Access title finally has a release date… for its release date

Vampire Survivors, the smash hit Early Access title from developer Poncle, finally has a full release date. The highly-anticipated 1.0 version of the popular vampire game will finally be announced on September 29.

Additionally, as an apology for the amount of teasing around the game’s full launch, Poncle will be releasing a new patch for the game today (September 15). Patch v0.11.3 will bring new weapons to the game, including the super rare Candybox II Turbo as well as the powerful new Arcana XXI – Blood Astronomia. The full patch notes are available on the game’s Steam page.

Patch v0.11.3 also includes the glitchy secret character “missingN,” who can now be unlocked in the game itself – rather than by having to edit the game files, as players do currently.


Vampire Survivors has proven to be enormously popular during its Early Access period – the game was the most-played game on Valve’s gaming handheld Steam Deck in August this year, beating titles like Elden Ring, Marvel’s Spider-Man and the then recently-released Cult of the Lamb.

Back in February, NME spoke to Vampire Survivors creator Luca Galante, who shared his experiences of quitting his brand new job in order to dedicate his attention on the game’s development:

“I just felt like I didn’t have a choice, really. I just thought that I would regret not trying to spend as much time as I could on this. This is clearly a success, I spent almost nothing on the original game, I really wasn’t expecting this kind of attention – I just wanted a little something I could play and relax [with] over the weekend.”

Elsewhere in gaming, Arkane’s critically-acclaimed Deathloop is coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass next week, as the studio’s exclusivity deal with Sony comes to an end.