Vehicles and RPG-7s will be available in a future ‘Escape of Tarkov’ content drop

Weapon durability is also coming in the next patch

A host of new information about the upcoming expansion for the hardcore first-person military simulation Escape From Tarkov has been revealed.

Long-time Escape From Tarkov streamer and content creator Pestily has released a video that summarises his interview with the CoO of Battlestate Games Nikita. The video summary also brings in some information from a Twitch Gaming Interview.

Streets Of Tarkov is confirmed to have a 40 player count, and will also introduce the BTR-80 APC to the map. This is the first vehicle in Tarkov, and for a price teams will be able to bring it into the map with them, ordering it to taxi them around, or “fuck shit up” according to Nikita.


As a counter to vehicles, RPG-7s are also being added to the game, which will synergize well with the new server-side breakable walls and doors, as well as player-side destructible environment furniture (such as bookshelves and cluttered desks).

Two Scav bosses are going to be present on the Streets stage. The first has been confirmed as a “really big guy” with a machine gun that has fortified a car dealership that works as a base of operations for all Scavs in the streets.

Nikita has said that the boss will roam outside the fortified base and players will have the option of trying to ambush him as he goes about his business.

A provisional release date of early 2022 has been given for Streets Of Tarkov, as the majority of the development is complete. The expansion to the Factory map, featuring a new sledgehammer wielding Scav boss, is also reportedly near completion.

Another major change to the game will be gun durability, which is currently in the game but has no effect. This change to weapon durability is planned for the next Tarkov patch. This will see weapons deteriorate over time as they are fired, in order to combat the prevalence of full-auto firing in the game’s meta.


A trailer for the upcoming expansion Streets Of Tarkov was revealed during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest show on June 10, showing part of the new map, and a handful of glimpses at some of the above features.

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