War MMO ‘Foxhole’ adds 3,000-player battles with ‘Entrenched’ expansion

The update also adds new tanks, rifles and building options

With the Entrenched expansion, Siege Camp is adding a pile of new content and expanding Foxhole to allow up to 3,000 players to battle it out at once.

The latest expansion to Foxhole (spotted by PCGamesN) has expanded the world with 14 new hexagon regions, increasing the overall map by 60 per cent. The additional space means that up to 3,000 players can now be supported, making Foxhole one of the biggest multiplayer war games available as it stands.

It’s worth noting that not all of these players will be fighting each other at once. Due to the nature of Foxhole, some of these players will likely choose to support their team in a role of logistical roles, which can include delivering supplies and building defences.


Speaking of which, the Entrenched update adds plenty for these logistics players to handle. This includes creating new uniforms that can protect from bad weather or even counteract enemy intelligence, as well as a bunch of new infrastructure for builders to create.

The patch notes for Foxhole mentions that “new tools, modifications and customisation options will enable builders to be more creative than ever before when designing their bunker bases and trench networks in the future”.

Builders can now build intelligence center buildings, which “can be deployed to intercept enemy transmissions” and thus provide a tactical advantage in the war. There are also new rifle, machine gun and anti-tank pillboxes available to build.

Alongside these new defences, the front line will also be different due to two new tanks and several fresh rifle classes. As tanks can now drive over trenches with this update, it’s likely that teams will need to rethink parts of their approach to securing – and taking – territory.


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