‘Warframe: Angels Of The Zariman’ will add new frame Gyre

Players will also get to customise their own apartments

Digital Extremes has shared details of the upcoming Warframe expansion Angels Of The Zariman that include a new frame and customisable apartments.

Digital Extremes recently hosted a Warframe livestream that showed off some new content coming with the next major expansion, Angels Of The Zariman. This included a reveal of the new frame Gyre.

Players will be able to take control of Gyre, who is equipped with electricity-based powers. No details were shared, but during the stream, the developer said that she would be very different to the already present electrical frame Volt. This won’t be Volt 2.0, but something more Tesla focused apparently.


In a post providing an overview of the stream, Digital Extremes also revealed that Warframe players will be able to decorate apartments on board the massive ship known as the Zariman. “Tenno will be able to make the Zariman really feel like home with new player apartments that they will be able to decorate as they wish. There is an extra room for those really invested in this system, where you will be able to customise the view through your window (called Vistagraphs).”

A new “evolving” weapon type is also coming to Warframe. Players will be able to pick up these weapons from a character in the new Zariman social hub. The guns will then evolve as players complete in-game challenges. This will unlock various aspects of the weapon that can be changed to fit whatever purpose the player wishes to use it for.

The canine-like Kubrows will also receive a cosmetic pass with a new hair technology being implemented into Warframe.

In other news, Ukrainian esports team Navi has announced it will not be leaving the country despite the ongoing invasion by Russian forces.

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