‘Warframe’ developers promise 2022 will be “our best year yet”

The New War is just the beginning

Digital Extremes has released a post about the future of Warframe saying 2022 will be a “year full of doing the right thing.”

Warframe’s latest update The New War was released 1 week ago and is the biggest story update the game has received. Digital Extremes posted on the Warframe forum to say “The New War has been a project of ours since 2018, and throughout the years it’s taken different forms. It finally released to you one week ago, built upon the elements of Warframe that have been years in the making.”

“This Quest truly is a testament to the community, its structure and story placing trust in your understanding of the Warframe world we have built.” The post continued  “The New War’s pieces are lovingly crafted by over 300 developers and studio employees wanting to tell the very personal story of Warframe. Your story. And it’s only just begun.”


When talking about what is upcoming for Warframe, the post says “We dedicated our Update 31: The New War to the Quest alone given its scope, and we dedicate 2022 to what comes next: a year full of doing the right things for Warframe.” There are no details of what these new things are, but the post suggests that experiments will be coming to the game based on some of the gameplay contained within the recently released quest.

The post continues “2021 was all about clean-up and lead-up to The New War. We did our revisits of Railjack, Arsenals, tied together the Proxima & Ground with Liches & Sisters. But now, we have never felt more energized to work on Warframe, and we owe it to you to make 2022 our best year yet.”

In other news, Disco Elysium – The Final Cut has received a new update, however the developer is not revealing everything that was added.