‘Warframe’ expansion ‘Sisters Of Parvos’ set for imminent release

Corpus tax collectors keep getting harsher

Warframe developer Digital Extremes is releasing the latest massive expansion for the game, Sisters Of Parvos, on July 6.

Sisters of Pravos is the latest expansion for popular looter shooter Warframe. The update centres around a new adversary, the state of the art Sisters Of Parvos.

Each player will encounter their own Sister once they have reached Rank 1 in the Granum Void and board a Corpus ship. The Sister will then begin hunting the player while also claiming sectors as their own.


Any mission completed in a Sister owned location will reduce rewards as she collects taxes on player earnings. However, the Sister does not fight alone and players will also have to contend with her mechanical hound.

Upon defeating the Sister, players will have the choice of converting or killing her. Conversion will grant you on-call backup in missions or serve as AI crew members for the Railjack, a player flown spacecraft. If she is killed, then she has a chance to drop brand new weapons and cosmetic ephemera.

Also included in the update is a new Warframe called Yareli. She allows players to utilise water-based attacks for clearing their way through missions. Her abilities include a rideable creature that can absorb damage for her and aquatic blades that can tear through foes.

Yareli can be unlocked through play or purchased in the in-game market.

Also included is a collection of cosmetics including the Ember Pyraxis Collection, new Syndicate armour sets, and several emotes.


For more information on what is coming after Sisters of Parvos, Warframe fans can look forward to TennoCon 2021.

The annual Warframe celebration is usually held in person, but given current circumstances, the event is being held digitally this year. The event starts on July 17.