‘Warframe’s’ The New War expansion drops in two weeks

Time to ready your Warframe

Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe’s next major expansion The New War is arriving December 15.

The date for the game’s biggest cinematic expansion was revealed in a story trailer released on Warframe’s official YouTube channel. The New War will have a variety of new characters to choose from, like Caliban and his signature weapon, which is scythe style. There will also be new missions to complete and environments to explore, as well new weapons to choose from.

According to the Devstream Overview, the new expansion will take several hours to complete. The story will see you face off a Sentient invasion over three acts, and you’ll be brought across 16 planets, and three open worlds.


Warframe’s story is everything to us. The New War is the experience players have wanted since the quest title was first revealed at TennoCon 2018,” said Digital Extremes creative director Steve Sinclair. “This moment is the culmination of years of experimentation in game development and feeding the beast that is Warframe.”

Digital Extremes has also made a post helping players prepare for The New War expansion, with a list of stories they’ll need to complete and weaponry they’ll need to own to stand a fighting chance in the expansion.

“You’re going to need all the firepower, strength and tools of war you can muster to defend yourself against the relentless Sentients,” reads the post. “Owning both a Railjack, an Orokin-era warship; and Necramech, a powerful, heavy-armoured Entrati war machine will be needed.

The New War will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch when it launches December 15.


In other news, Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam is working on a new third-person RPG with a dark fantasy setting. Codenamed “Project Iron”, this title is being developed in partnership with 505 Games.

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