Warhammer 40,000 launching grimdark scented candles

Smell like walking past a Games Workshop

Warhammer 40,000 has announced a set of scented candles that will launch in time for the holiday season.

Have you ever wanted to smell like the world of Warhammer? Don’t answer, I know the answer is yes. Well, now thanks to a series of newly announced candles, your dreams can come true this festive season.

The candles are up for preorder on Merchoid, and include such intriguing scents as “Slaanesh Sporofic Musk”, “Space Marine Dark Angles”, “Astra Militarum Catachan Potpourri”, “T’au Ethereal Pheromones” and “Tyranids Toxicrene Spores”.


According to the website, the candles can burn for 22 hours, so your next few date nights are sorted. For those who wish to experience the full bouquet of Space Marine themes smells, you’ll get a 20% discount for ordering 3 or more of the candles.

If you’re looking to put together an outfit to suit the mood for when your company joins you to take in the aroma of “Tyranids Toxicrene Spores”, Microsoft and Adidas have announced that an Xbox 360 themed sneaker will be available for sale this week.

In a post on the Xbox website, James Monosmith, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Xbox Consumer Products discussed the inspiration behind the design:

“On the strap, you’ll note the Xbox 360 disc tray, along with the classic 360-era Xbox button design on the shoe’s outer side and the console’s air vents on the inner side. Additionally, the heel features references to the Xbox 360’s distinctive removable hard drive and memory unit slots. There are a myriad of details to discover and enjoy, including some hidden secrets for fans.”

The shoes will also come with four extra pairs of laces in red, green, blue and yellow which is meant to represent the face buttons of the original controller. The sneakers will be available to purchase in the U.S. and Canada on November 4 at 7:00 a.m. PT via adidas.com.


Meanwhile, Marvel’s Spider-Man finale was supposed to be an NYC-wide fight against Doc Ock, but was scaled down to avoid crunch.

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