‘WarioWare: Get It Together’ helps modders with E3 2001 ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ build

The assets are higher quality than those used in the final game

A group of modders working on the recreation of the E3 2001 version of Luigi’s Mansion have been assisted by the discovery of beta assets in the new WarioWare game.

WarioWare: Get It Together is a compilation of microgames that riff on classic Nintendo games and levels from the Super Mario series. One of the levels tasks the player with hunting down ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion, in a room that holds several pre-release assets from the game.

The project to restore the E3 2001 version of Luigi’s Mansion arose when the GameCube game was released, looking different from the version first shown at E3 and missing several characters and assets. The discovery of these beta assets, which are higher quality than those included in the finished version of Luigi’s Mansion, has given the team a whole new selection to work from.


Portable Productions, the team behind the restoration, shared several tweets detailing the find, including a compilation video of all the assets from the dump.

The quality difference in the beta assets compared to the ones that made the final cut of Luigi’s Mansion are clearly displayed in these tweets, which also speculate the reason for the lower resolution models being used was down to space restrictions for the 2001 game.

Get It Together is the tenth instalment in the WarioWare series and is the first game in the franchise since WarioWare Gold, released on Nintendo 3DS in 2018.


In other gaming news, PlayStation fans noticed a trailer for a game titled Tuesday Morning was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, but the initial response has been far from positive.

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