‘Warno’ set to release new content every two weeks

The “spiritual successor" to ‘Wargame’ is currently in Early Access

Eugen Systems has released a roadmap for future updates to its strategy game Warno, and promised to release new content every two weeks.

Warno was released last week to Early Access and according to the developer, Eugen Systems has been “working around the clock to fine-tune, balance, and address any concerns. Hotfixes are dropping almost every other day, and we got plenty of incoming Early Access updates, some major, to keep you occupied for the foreseeable future.”

“Things will change, updates will be made, divisions and mechanics to be added or tweaked – this takes time and resources, and we fully intend to grow our game from ‘good’ to ‘great’,” writes the Warno dev.


“But bear with us: we are limited in number, and we are working as hard as we can to get everything to you as soon as possible. We are only a bunch of passionate developers, designers, artists, historians, etc. dedicated to making impressive, realistic, authentic strategy games (that look amazing),” they continued before sharing plans to “release new content every two weeks.”

“Each milestone will be named after a Napoleonic Marshal. This might (but not always be the case) consist of two new divisions, new maps, new features, mechanics, etc,” they wrote.

The first update will come in February and feature two new divisions (The 8th U.S. Infantry Division and The Soviet 39th Guards Motorised Rifle Division) alongside a new 10v10 map.

The next will feature two new German divisions as well as more maps while the following update will include more of the same. One of those updates will also include the “first batch of towed weapon systems for both sides. Think of mortars, howitzers, anti-tank guns.”

They finish by saying they are “actively working on an Army General campaign. We likely will not release it too soon, but we hope to deliver one during Warno’s Early Access period.”


In other news, it’s been announced that Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be released for the first time on PC on March 30, after its initial release on PlayStation 5.

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