‘Warzone’ bans are seemingly carrying over to ‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’

You get a ban! You get a ban! Everybody gets a ban!

It looks like cheaters already banned from Call Of Duty: Warzone are also being perma banned from Call Of Duty: Vanguard, ahead of the game’s full release.

This has been confirmed by CharlieIntel, with the outlet taking to Twitter to state that this seems to apply to both hardware and account bans.

“If you are currently banned in Call Of Duty: Warzone – including hardware or account banned – you are banned from playing Call Of Duty: Vanguard. For those in the cheats Discords/forums etc. asking why, I think it’s pretty obvious why. But thought I’d let you know.”


Twitter posts have been showcasing the ban screens for Call Of Duty: Vanguard, and private Discords have been warning fellow cheaters about how their accounts may be banned from Vanguard if they are in Warzone as well.

Eurogamer has noted that the hardware ID bans are not bulletproof, as software is often sold that can overwrite the hardware ID problem for cheaters, with creators of HWID spoofers allegedly make over £28,000 every month. HWID bans can also be circumvented by changing certain hardware parts.

Call Of Duty Vanguard
Call Of Duty Vanguard. Credit: Activision

It was also recently announced that Warzone would receive a new “multi-faceted” anti-cheat system to combat seemingly endless cheating issues. Activision also confirmed recently that bans in Warzone do indeed apply to registered hardware IDs in an effort to combat repeat and serial offenders in the game.


Warzone has also seen over 475,000 permabans in the game to date, according to an official update. “We also are tackling the commercial market of cheat providers and resellers,” reads the post. “This includes suspicious accounts, which are farmed and often sold to repeat offenders. We recently banned 45,000 fraudulent, black market accounts used by repeat offenders.”

Elsewhere, Yuji Naka has announced that he is returning to game development, as he is designing a mobile game in Unity after he left Square Enix earlier this year.

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