‘Warzone’ cheater shows off hacks to “bring awareness to cheating”

The video shows that cheating can be more subtle than you think

A Call Of Duty: Warzone player has shared a look at how hacks work from a cheater’s point of view, to allegedly help players distinguish between different types of hacks that are prevalent in the game.

Warzone content creator ‘rushman360’ has released a TikTok showing the differences between separate types of aimbots, claiming that the video is “for educational purposes only”.

Though the video has been removed from TikTok, it is available to watch on Reddit and shows the difference between “silent aim” and “not silent aim” aimbots.


As visible in the video, “silent aim” is a more subtle type of hack that doesn’t kill other players as quickly, while regular aimbotting is very obvious and flicks instantly to land headshots.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone. Credit: Raven Software

Rushman360 – who has other content where his hacking is visible – claims that the video is purely to “bring awareness to cheating, because the only way to bring it into light, to get it to stop, is to show how easy – and what different shit – can be used”.

As the video is showing someone actively using cheats in online games, there is backlash from those who feel that the “educational” front does not justify using cheats. The top comment on the now-locked Reddit thread claims that “demonstrating cheating doesn’t make it acceptable”, however others feel that the video raises a valid point by showing how easy it is to cheat without it being too obvious:

“I kind of understand what he’s saying. If he’s genuine, it’s highlighting the small differences and how to spot them and report them.”


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