‘Warzone’ fan gets Raven Software tattooed on his arse after studio reverts loadout changes

The fan promised to "tattoo Raven Software on my right cheek" - and that's exactly what he did

A Warzone fan that promised to “tattoo Raven Software on my right cheek” if the studio reverted a controversial loadout change has kept his word, after the changes in question were removed.

Back in January, Raven Software patched Warzone to stop players from purchasing a loadout drop too early in the match. While they used to be available as soon as players could afford the $10,000 in-game price tag, the new system locked the feature away until later in the map.

This proved unpopular with plenty of fans, including Kris Lamberson, better known as Faze Swagg. On January 7, Lamberson replied to the studio’s patch notes announcements stating “I’ll tattoo Raven Software on my right cheek for you to revert the loadout change.”


Unfortunately for Lamberson, that’s exactly what Raven Software has done. Yesterday (February 3) the studio tweeted that loadout drops are once again available to buy from the start of every Warzone match.

A man of his word, today (February 4) Lamberson shared a photo of a Raven Software tattoo he has received on his right cheek, as promised. As spotted by PC Gamer, the tattoo seemed to amuse the Call Of Duty studio – Raven Software briefly changed its Twitter profile picture to the photo provided by Lamberson.

At the moment, Raven Software is at the centre of a movement to try and form a union for the games industry. The union aims to improve working conditions in the industry by “making it a more sustainable, equitable place where transparency is paramount,” however Activision Blizzard has controversially argued that unionising will not help the studio “produce world-class games“.


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